1. October 2020 congrats congrats AG on being selected for AIT India! 10 promising companies from Switzerland and India will now get supported and trained for their success. please check
1. October 2020

board completed

the aventura-team welcomes new board members. their expertise and experience in a wide area will be of excellent use for the building up of the company and future tasks.
27. September 2020

new investors

the aventura-team welcomes the new Swiss investors. their financial support and commitment are very much appreciated and will help within the certification process and further on.
27. August 2020


again, AG has won the support of the Swiss Innovation Agency for the heavy-duty gyrocopter. this time, the Swiss Innovation Agency will offer a wide network, know-how and financial support for growth and international issues. thanks to the team and the Swiss Confederation!
27. May 2020


share video link the heavy-duty gyrocopter is very agile! enjoy the video that has been taken during COVID19 times. It was good to have some fun as we also had to take it slower in these days. stay safe and keep cool! 😉
27. March 2020

final tests AV3b

share video link aventura – the heavy-duty gyrocopter for special missions, requirements and desires! in March 2020, the aventura-team performed successfully several test flights, optimising stability, performance and ergonomics. respecting social distancing due to Corona virus obligations, the passenger’s weight was partly replaced by ballast weigh.
7. March 2020

cancellation of Aero-Expo 2020

we are sad to communicate the cancellation of the Aero-Expo 2020. due to the Corona virus, the organiser of the Aero-Expo have “postponed” on 06/03/2020 to quote „another not yet defined date“. we are sorry, but safety first. most likely, AG will welcome and present exciting innovations at next year’s Aero-Expo!
27. January 2020

flying aventura in Germany

aventura flies according to the requirements, stable and safe. please enjoy the video. obviously, the next steps are having a lot of fun when test flying and optimising every little detail. soon, we share some new videos and further information.
17. January 2020

permit to fly

after complex calculations, skilful manufacturing, extensive testing, and most of all precise reporting, the German authority DULV handed over the permit to fly for the heavy-duty gyrocopter aventura. our team is happy and thankful. receiving the permit to fly is THE milestone for every aircraft development and its team. thank you all!
7. January 2020

welcome to Moritz, BSc. in aviation

Moritz Bartholdi will be in charge for the avionics. he gained experience working for several European aviation companies, inter alia SWISS and REGA, but he also knows the very special “wishes” of customers such as the Flying Bulls or Austrian Police. as an aircraft systems engineer he knows to install, customise or maintain sophisticated systems.
27. December 2019

Merry Christmas by the Swiss Innovation Agency AG is pleased to announce the support of the Swiss Innovation Agency. AG started 2018 with R&D of a game-changing technology. together with several Swiss companies and now with the substantial financing of the Swiss Innovation Agency, AG will be able to present a game-changing technology in the near future.
17. December 2019

welcome to Erwin Tratz, optimizer

Erwin, an experienced product development specialist, will support AG in the areas of R&D, manufacturing and management. The desert and flying (gyrocopter) in the desert is his passion.
7. December 2019

FAI-CIMA plenary 2019

FAI-CIMA plenary 2019 was attended by the Swiss delegate, CEO Daniel Y. Spring of AG. the World Air Sports Federation (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) is the world governing body for air sports and world records, soon relevant for aventura!  😉
27. November 2019

collaboration with Lehmann-Trub AG AG has signed an agreement for R&D and production of high-quality CNC-components for the aventura heavy-duty gyrocopter. founded in 1944, the Swiss company is recognised for its high precision mechanical components, integrated R&D and competitive manufacturing.
17. November 2019


Swiss Innovation Agency will support the internationalisation strategy of AG with their expertise, network and also financially. AG is delighted about the new possibilities and the (financial) support and recognition by this important Swiss institution.
7. November 2019

collaboration with Lithium System GmbH AG has signed an agreement for R&D with Lithium System GmbH. the Swiss company is known for user-specific R&D and a fully automatic fabrication of high quality products used in thousands of electric vehicles and applications around the world.
27. October 2019

welcome to EDCO AG has dislocated to its new test flight facility in Thüringen, Germany. next door 1450 m long runway, excellent facilities for production and very friendly and skilled staff made it easy to move to the “North”. EDCO is also easily accessible via the nearby highways. N 51° 16,06° E 10° 38,09°, 125.510, mind PPR!
17. October 2019

good bye Bulgaria AG would like to thank the Bulgarian supporters for their help and good intentions, friendship and infrastructure provided. this helped at early stage to advance quickly and without any bigger bureaucratic difficulties. good people, good food and vine and a country with an extraordinary historic past – worth visiting!
27. September 2019

Mechanical Test Reports (MTR) ready

Ronald Schoppe, CTO of AG, completed all calculations and documentations necessary for the application of the permit to fly by the DULV. due to some challenges in Bulgaria, where we tested, this step was more time consuming than previously planned.
17. September 2019

business trip to Asia AG won a sponsored coaching by Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW), and a trip to Asia for business exchange and promotion. life and business opportunities in “Asia” seem interesting but with totally different circumstances!
7. September 2019

looking for facility with runway

the next big step is test flying. after 3 years of R&D of the heavy-duty gyrocopter, AG is investigating in Switzerland, Germany and some “other neighbouring regions” where to go best… we need a runway (even a small field would do) and some facilities and local laws that allow ecological flying!
17. August 2019

aventura won competition AG won a business competition organised and financed by the Swiss Africa Business Innovation Initiative (SABII), that aims to boost and connect the entrepreneurial know-how and exposure of Sub-Sahara. A trip has led to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, meeting and discussing with officials, business men and women and entrepreneur from more than 30 African nations.
27. June 2019

all ground test passed successfully

the heavy-duty gyrocopter has passed successfully all ground-tests according to the DULV-certification requirements and therefore is qualified for the VVZ (temporary approval for certification). AG thanks the DULV authorities for their professional services and support for a safe, smart and strong aventura-s.
17. June 2019

new design chef Manfred Kirchler

Manfred Kirchler, former designer from Porsche and BMW, has joined the aventura-team. welcome! Manfred will give aventura-s the edge and thanks to his decade-long experience, he will transform the heavy-duty gyrocopter into an eye-catching heavy-duty gyrocopter!
17. May 2019

aventura-s won award for innovation

the heavy-duty gyrocopter got awarded by aerokurier. participating with a pre-serial machine, the heavy-duty gyrocopter already got on the the winners’ podium for innovation in the gyrocopter section. thanks for that encouraging public vote!
17. April 2019

excellent feedback at the in Germany

the aventura-team presented at the largest air-exhibition in Europe the heavy-duty gyrocopter aventura-s. the public feedback was excellent and the request for a certified version remains high. thanks for all the good feedback and constructive critique!
14. March 2019

AETP – hello to our Asian friends ! AG was selected to participate in the AETP connecting the business to ASEAN-countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia), as AG considers these beautiful countries as a promising market with huge business potential for the heavy-duty gyrocopter aventura-s suitable for surveillance, transport and special missions.
7. March 2019

reservation and pre-sale program started

thanks to the advancements made throughout 2018 and in 2019/QI we are happy to announce the starting of the reservation and pre-sale program for the aventura-s. we address pilot customers and dealers who with we would like to do business first, please contact us and ask for further information.
27. February 2019 visit our stand at B4-205 AG will present the world’s first heavy-duty gyrocopter aventura-s. welcome at our stand B4-205 at the we are sure, visiting us will be a highlight for you, but a highlight is also the very touristy area with the proximity of the lake of Konstanz and the Swiss alps! enjoy the trip and visit us […]
17. February 2019

testing for DULV-certification

in February 2019 our aventura-s went successfully through the most important tests required by the DULV-certification process. a final round of ground tests is scheduled for late spring after the participation at the and before the test flying season for the DULV-certification.
17. January 2019

Innosuisse-project won AG has won the support for a research project supported by the Swiss government/Innosuisse for the future development of the aventura-s. AG has selected Zurich University of Applied Science as a research partner since this collaboration has been very fruitful for many years.
7. January 2019

visit us at in April 2019

have an excellent 2019 !!! we are happy to announce, AG is participating at the in Germany starting 10 to 13 of April. this year we will be able to surprise you with a new aventura-model and a very special innovation. come and visit us!
27. December 2018

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! AG thanks to all team members, supporters, suppliers and friends for their help, critics and friendship. we are happy to announce to be ahead of the schedule due to to professional work and therefore the successful DULV-tests.
17. December 2018

aventura-landing gear tougher than required

all performed DULV-certification tests have been successfully passed at the first attempt – e.g. the landing gear of the aventura-s has been loaded with more than 2700 kg. our heavy-duty design surpassed even the ultimate load test without any failure nor deformation!
7. December 2018

DULV-testing milestone

we are ready for the first series of DULV-certification tests. we will start with the “hard to pass” tests. we are confident as we have designed a heavy-duty gyrocopter. 😉
27. November 2018

FAI: gyrocopter with MTOW 600 kg

the FAI, the world air sports federation responsible for homologations of aviation records and co-organizer of many air sports events, has increased the weight limit for gyrocopter to 600 kg MTOW, the same as the aventura-s will be tested or certified for. ;-p
17. November 2018

flyers available in many languages

aventura-s has aroused interest in Middle East and world-wide – that’s why for many languages we provide flyers of the heavy-duty gyrocopter aventura-s for download (see gallery –> media for download section). available languages are Mandarin, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian and English.
7. November 2018

brilliant MFD thanks to brilliant minds

the development of the unique gyrocopter multifunctional display (MFD) has passed a milestone with the micro-electronic components and software design. congratulation to the development team formed by M. Nussberger, M. Nuessli and D. Seeg.
27. October 2018

some more simulations necessary

we need to spend some more time in more sophisticated simulations before we can carry on with the building of prototype 2. sorry, but this way we will be sure to have a really heavy-duty but nevertheless light and weight-optimised aventura-s.
17. October 2018

starting building prototype 2

during the last months we have ground tested and test-flown the aventura-s in various configurations. we listened carefully to pilots’ and suppliers’ feedback and made a hard analysis of most aventura-parts and subsystems. now, we are happy to announce the start of the building process of the aventura-s prototype 2, which will be “very close” […]
7. October 2018

modified tank concept due to customers’ feedback AG wants to offer crash resistant, self-sealing tanks for maximum safety according to customers’ feedback. therefore, the aventura-s prototype 2 will include a modified tank design that is both more robust and better adaptable to customer’s need. detachable auxiliary tanks will still be part of this modular concept.
27. September 2018

new team member for the development of the MFD

welcome to Mr. Matteo Nüssli and Mr. Dominik Seeg to the team. specialists in their fields of software development and electro technology, they will finish the elaboration of the unique multi-functional display (MFD) for the aventura-s during the next few months. this MFD is the first custom made instrument for gyrocopters taking advantage of […]
7. September 2018

DULV certification process has started

as announced earlier this year, AG applies for the aventura-s first for the German DULV-certification. now, the official process has been initiated and additional, experienced staff is supporting our team in this important task.
27. August 2018

flying in rain and stay dry and comfortable

wind tunnel and complex super computer simulations were made for an optimal canopy design. we want to guarantee the comfort for the pilots and protect them from wind and possible rain. during one of our test flights, weather conditions were “not so good” and involuntarily we tested successfully light rain conditions. behind the 3D-shaped windscreen […]
17. August 2018

second test flight sequence – test flying during summer 2018

the second round of test flights were already made with a modified configuration of the aventura-s. all engine parameters remained in “green”. no stick shake was experienced, though we found ways to lower the force for the stick and pedal controls. these improvements will be integrated in prototype 2.
7. August 2018

STOL-performance of the aventura-s

test pilot Bruno Banz performed – after merely minutes of introduction flight – some short take-off and landing (STOL) demonstrations, even though this was actually not the purpose of these test flights. they were made “solo” and with two crew members with some headwind and little payload. please see the video to estimate the excellence […]
27. July 2018

flying aventura-s by Mr Bruno Banz, EAS supervisor

Mr. Bruno Banz, EAS technical supervisor and adviser to AG, flew the aventura-s several times. the very skilled gyrocopter instructor was thrilled about the superb visibility and the performance of the aventura-s. we are thankful for his critiques and proposals to make the prototype 2 flying even easier and more fun.
17. July 2018

different winglets tested

larger winglets were attached in order to improve directional stability. the effect was noticeable but not as big as hoped. taking in account that the “new winglets” were just in 2D, further testing is necessary. we will introduce the new (harmonic) winglet design with the prototype 2.
7. July 2018

get together – thanks to all team members

some of our team members joined a special dinner to celebrate all successful flights so far and the promising results of the hard working team. CEO Daniel Spring is thankful and proud to work with such good guys and skilled professionals!
27. June 2018

CEO of AG elected to be delegate for FAI/smf

proposed by members of the Swiss Microlight Federation, CEO Daniel Spring of AG, was elected to represent Switzerland to the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale – world air sports federation).
17. June 2018

mast position slightly changed

we tested a slightly different position of the mast and the overall construction. flight characteristics moved to more self-balancing behaviour of the aventura-s. performance did not measurably change, but due to the work on the main structure of the aventura-s, some tank capacity was lost. this “lost amount of fuel” will be regained in prototype […]
7. June 2018 AG supported by Mr. Werner von Arx

Mr. Werner von Arx was born 1923. he is one of the most rewarded Swiss aviation pioneers. the team is happy and proud of the support by Mr. Werner von Arx. in his long-lasting career, among other things, he flew by a glider from the Jungfraujoch (the “top of the Swiss alps”), helped from […]
27. May 2018

wonderful AERO.EXPO 2018

we had a wonderful AERO.EXPO 2018, also thanks to the collaboration with the ZHAW. after this event, we were able to celebrate a successful maiden flight (and many more flights…). a huge thank you to the overwhelming response by the public and medias. now, our team is on well-deserved vacations for some weeks. Mr. Christoph […]
17. May 2018

maiden flight: aventura-s airborne !

after successful tests of all systems our team celebrated the maiden flight of the aventura-s on 12/05/2018. all mayor components are functioning as expected ! we are happy and keen for the next steps towards a DULV certification. thanks to the whole team, helping hands, brains and hearts! 😉
27. April 2018

aventura-s on display at

our aventura-s, the world’s first heavy-duty gyrocopter for adventures and special missions was on display at the in Germany in April 2018. the public interest was amazing, medias and dealers queuing… we apologize for any inconvenience and promise to update on the maiden flight later this month. thanks for your interest and support!
17. April 2018

visit stand A3-207 at the AERO

we are ready for the AERO, the global show for general aviation in Friedrichshafen/Germany (April 18 – 21, 2018). be part of the world premiere of the first heavy-duty gyrocopter, our aventura-s. an experimental version will be available later this year. a certified version is planned for 2019.
7. April 2018

enjoy a flight in our aventura-simulator

in close collaboration with the centre of aviation of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences we offer the first simulator for gyrocopter with dual controls and individual fields of sight. please, reserve your slot!
27. March 2018

aventura-s: 1000 km range

thanks to the new Rotax 915 iS turbo engine and the modular tank design, the aventura-s saves fuel and can fly up to 7+ hours. we are happy to announce the extended range of the aventura-s of more than 1000 km.
17. March 2018

Plexiweiss canopy delivered

enjoying an unobstructed view and stay comfortable is possible thanks to the Plexiweiss made canopy and windscreen. if you fly aventura-s you can see where you’re flying, straight ahead and even 30 degrees down. the glass is without distortion permitting better visual judgement and pleasure.
7. March 2018

all composite parts completed

all carbon composites parts are completed and are being painted. A few molds caused some challenges due to complex and big forms. thanks to all for their extra efforts, late and even weekend hours of work. we are on time again!
27. February 2018

simulator for the aventura-s

Mr Kevin Spillmann and Mr Flavio Ferrari take care of our full size aventura-simulator. this simulator will be open to the public at the at the stand A3-207 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 18 to 21 April in collaboration with the centre for aviation of the ZHAW.
13. February 2018

first engine start of Rotax 915 iS

thank you to Mr. Eduard Franz, Thomas Nemeth and Hans Betzl from Franz Aircraft Engines Vertrieb GmbH for their support and advice for the installation and first start of the Rotax 915 iS, the most advanced and efficient aircraft engine with 141 PS.
27. January 2018

developing instrument with OLED display

taking advantage of the latest electronics and sensor technologies, Mr. Mathis Nussberger from the Institute for Signal Processing and Wireless Communications leads the development of a multi sensor visualisation unit unifying 7 instruments in one. this MSVU saves weight, space and money.
17. January 2018

ballistic rescue system as standard

“s” means safe. the aventura-s has as standard an integrated ballistic rescue system provided by Galaxysky. thank you for your expertise, Galaxy-team! Galaxy rescue systems have saved more than 90 lives the last few years. safety is priority for AG.
27. December 2017

increased visibility for aventura-s

beside AVEO navigation, position and strobe lights, the aventura-s relies on the brand new THIESEN landing light. further, futuristic new LED mast lights will shine up the sky with 4500 lumen. being recognised by air traffic means safer flying.
7. December 2017

molds ready for production

  thanks to combined efforts all mayor molds – for the production of the tail, canopy and windshield – have been CNC-milled and are ready for the production of the carbon composite structures or Plexiglass® forming. (shown in this video is the milling of the vertical stabilizer with the connecting curves to the horizontal stabilizer.)
5. December 2017

goodbye to GmbH – welcome to AG ! GmbH has passed successfully a detailed audit by the corresponding Swiss authorities. after two years of development and building up the company, with effect of 05/12/2017, GmbH converted his legal entity to AG. the change to German Aktiengesellschaft/stock company will guarantee future developments. all obligations and rights will pass onto AG. […]
30. November 2017

rough terrain?
no problem for aventura-s!

the undercarriage with a huge damping travel for energy dissipation and low pressure tundra tires provided by guarantees the best take-off capabilities also from improvised airstrips and protects the pilots and the aventura-s itself in hard landings or emergency situations.
27. November 2017 at the Aero.Expo
18 – 21 April 2018

we are happy to announce our presentation of the aventura-s at the biggest international aviation exposition in central Europe in Friedrichshafen – Germany. please visit our stand in hall A3-207, situated near the entrance in between Motor Presse Stuttgart and Franz Aircraft Engines Vertrieb GmbH. together with our Swiss development partners, the Zurich University of Applied […]
21. November 2017

production of composites seats initiated

the specially designed and adjustable seats for the aventura-s are in production! we will fabric first a glass fibre version and then after thoroughly ergonomic testing full carbon fibre seats that are both lightweight and crash resistant. the seats can be ground adjusted in both angle and distance in several seating positions.
17. November 2017

Rotax 915 iS more powerful !

the very new Rotax 915 iS is more powerful than previously announced by the manufacturer. confidentially informed and tested ourselves early 2017, the aventura-s was optimised to the happily accepted 5 % increase in power in mid 2017. aventura-s will rocket to the sky!
7. November 2017

jig ready for production

in order to guarantee a perfect geometry of the aventura-structure, a massive but precise jig has been laser cut and welded together. the 300 kg jig allows very accurate and cost effective production at very high aeronautical standards.
1. November 2017

full size aventura-simulator !

a team, lead by Sandro Stähli and Markus Klimmek and guided by Dipl. Inf.-Eng. and CPL Christoph Regli, has started to develop a flight simulator for the aventura-s. this sit-in aventura-simulator in scale 1:1 will be presented at the Aero.Expo 2018 in Germany at the exhibition stand of ZHAW. visit us and fly the aventura-simulator […]
21. October 2017 wheels and brakes for aventura-s GmbH relies on the excellent products of Thanks to the big bush tires and Beringer brake system, the aventura-s can take-off and land on very rough air strips. Thank you Beringer-team for your support!
17. October 2017

aerodynamically improved nose and canopy

as wind tunnel testing and simulations by the centre of aviation ZAV/ZHAW have shown, the canopy needed to be slightly enlarged in order to guarantee a smooth airflow over the pilot’s helmets. the final shape has been found!
7. October 2017

tail section finalized

after long hours of designing and calculations we finished the design of the tail section, with AVEO-strobe light included. now the molds for the manufacturing of the carbon structure are going to be CNC-milled!
27. September 2017

wider and more comfortable seats

due to customer’s request, the carbon seats of the aventura-s are now wider and more comfortable. furthermore, they are adjustable in 4 different positions according to the size and preference of the pilot and co-pilot.
7. September 2017

15CDV6 steel tube delivered

the German 15CDV6-steel tubes are delivered and we are adjusting the bending and 3D-laser cutting machines to the specifications. our 15CDV6-steel is roughly 25 % stronger than ordinary 4130-alloy widely used in other aircrafts.
27. July 2017

starting production of prototype

we are proud to announce initiating the production of the first parts of the aventura-s prototype. after the foundation of GmbH in December 2015 we shall be ready with the first prototype of the gyrocopter aventura-s before Christmas 2017
21. July 2017

stronger control cables for aventura-s

the Swiss company Dural AG provides stronger pull and push rods for the aventura-s. they are maintenance-free and very safe, as there are no joints or connectors at all. the assembling and folding the mast therefore are a lot easier and fail-safe.
18. July 2017

state-of-the-art avionics GmbH gets support of the Centre for Signal Processing/ Communications Engineering for the development of the electrical system and for the evaluation of an innovative combination of state of the art components for the avionics used in the aventura-s.
17. July 2017

agreement for production signed GmbH signed a contract with Niki Rotor Aviation Ltd. for collaboration in development and manufacturing. we are happy and proud to proceed quickly and with combined forces to building and getting airborne the aventura-s prototype very soon.
14. July 2017

verification of aerodynamics and flight mechanics GmbH wants to thank Prof. Dr. Leonardo Manfriani, Dr. Pierluigi Capone and Xinying Liu for the verification of the aerodynamics and flight mechanics of the aventura-s at the Centre for Aviation at ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences). thanks to their know-how and excellent infrastructure of the ZHAW, e.g. a wind tunnel and supercomputer, […]
7. July 2017

130 litres capacity tank for aventura-s

Müller AG Plastics is a leader in manufacturing of unique jerry cans with 6 layers including an EVOH-barrier as well as a dissipative layer to prevent electrical charges. GmbH wants to thank Müller AG Plastics for providing support and their light but strong tanks with a total of 130 litres capacity. Müller AG Plastics […]
11. June 2017

simplifying the controls II

the aventura-s gyrocopter is now equipped with push and pull rods for all controls. they are free of maintenance and without any joints. a trim system will be integrated as well. pedals for rudder controls are adjustable.
11. June 2017

new main gear

the new main gear is even stronger and permits unrestricted access to the tanks and payload from either side. the aventura-s has a tough gear with shock absorbers. combined with the big tundra tyres and the 135-PS strong engine, the aventura-s can land and take-off in nearly any field, e.g. on loose sand, gravel banks […]
10. June 2017

thanks to Silecs team for your support

May 2017 Silecs is a Germany based enterprise specialized in industrial coatings of superb quality and durability, among other services. GmbH thanks the Silecs-team for their support and quality of the spray-on bedliner of our Hilux.
18. May 2017

folding mast

(air) transportability is a main requirement for the aventura-s. therefore the complete mast can be folded forward into a horizontal position above the tanks. only one bolt and one screw need to be loosened. with the mast folded and the the propeller demounted, the total height can be reduced to less than 160 cm. this […]
11. May 2017

cooperation with established gyrocopter producer

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. GmbH believes in corporation with the best. joining know-how and experience results in a better product. GmbH has found an excellent partner for further development and more competitive production. more details coming soon!
1. May 2017
aerodynamic mast and air intake for intercooler

aerodynamic mast and air intake for intercooler

April 2017 the new aerodynamic air foil encloses the mast. it integrates all controls, pre-rotation shaft and wiring. This helps reducing drag and we believe it looks cool! the air intake for the intercooler is also aerodynamically shaped.
1. May 2017

as standard: rescue system integrated in the aventura-s

“s” in the name “aventura-s” stands at first and foremost for “safe”. even if gyrocopters are quiet simple to fly, we believe a rescue system should be standard for any small aircraft including rotary aircrafts. therefore, for GmbH safety must be standard, not an option. we are proud to cooperate with Galaxy GRS and […]
21. April 2017

CG-calculations: 100 kg payload at CG

the aventura-s offers an incredible amount of payload at the centre of gravity (CG) of the gyrocopter. this makes the aventura-s a strong workhorse for aerial sensing, crop-dusting, special missions and long distance expeditions with e.g. two 100 litres duffels all at the CG. CG-calculation resulted as expected within the limits. 😉
31. March 2017

definition of the tail section

intensive studies have proven the concept of a T-tail with winglets. this configuration offers the best compromise in aerodynamic effects, robustness for use in difficult landing and taking-off situations, weight and production cost.
31. March 2017

adjustable controls integrated

Thanks to some clever ideas a simple but effective mechanism was created and integrated and allows pilots from 155 cm to 195 cm height to sit comfortably and handle safely the controls. Now, individual adjustments of the rudder pedals are possible in flight.
16. March 2017

agreement with AVEO engineering

AVEO engineering will provide anti-collision, recognition and position lights to the aventura-s. a special agreement has been signed. we are happy to rely on the excellent products of AVEO engineering!
17. February 2017

redesign of the structure

with great effort the structure of the aventura-s is improved and optimized. furthermore, thanks to a clever geometry the new structure will be stronger and, once production started, easier to build. This results in a more affordable and more endurable gyrocopter.
10. January 2017

Centre for Product and Process Development supports aventura-team

ZPP (Centre for Product and Process Development, department of ZHAW) and GmbH signed an agreement for further developments of parts of the aventura-s.
20. December 2016

proof of concept of the canopy’s shape

wind channel tests have shown the proof of concept: thanks to an optimized canopy shape, pilots can fly in the open cockpit comfortably and well protected from the elements: winds are deflected 70-80 % over the pilots’ head. further simulations will finalize the canopy’s shape by July 2017.
30. November 2016

3D-printed parts for wind tunnel testing

3D-printed models of the aventura-s are ready for the wind tunnel testing! due to additional instruments and further measurements, we are now confident to have found an even better solution for the pilot’s comfort and an all over reduction
30. November 2016

wind tunnel testing

wind tunnel testing finalized! we are happy to measure less pressure on the pilot’s helmet and have proof of our canopy-design!!! the canopy’s special form ensures for relaxed flying with a smooth airflow over the pilots! (picture version 0.2 of canopy)