1what is a gyrocopter?

it may look alike a helicopter but it flies and is piloted rather like an airplane! check out our videos in the NEWS-site or any other video with the tags “gyrocopter, autogyro or in German Tragschrauber or in French autogire”! 😉
2what is special about the aventura-s ?
the aventura-s combines all you need (but not more) for flying expeditions and special missions e.g. surveillance in a safe, smart, strong design.
3what will be the performance and range of the aventura-s ?
the aventura-s is designed to cruise slowly at 60 to 75 kts or ca. 110 -140 km/h. depending on the configuration, she can fly 6 hours at once and is still conserving sufficient fuel reserve. therefore, range is calculated to ca. 550 NM or ca. 1000 km.
4why is a gyrocopter less efficient then a fix wing aircraft?
briefly, aerofoils in general are optimised for a certain air speed, angle of attack etc. in a rotary aircraft the wing tip is roughly ten times faster than near the axis. the same difference is seen for other parameters, too. therefore, a compromise needs to be found and that is why a rotary aircraft is not as efficient as a plane optimized for e.g. one particular air speed.
5why do we believe, that a gyrocopter is excellent for flying expeditions or heavy-duty missions?
gyrocopters are very safe due to their simplicity in design and maximum forgiveness for pilot errors. gyrocopters are far less vulnerable to e.g. wind gusts and turbulences than airplanes. furthermore, they can land and take off in any soccer field or road (if allowed by the corresponding law). and these are the main topics on any expedition or heavy-duty mission when travelling many hours and long distances: a huge safety margin for unpleasant weather conditions, no need for special runways, easy to maintain and fly all combined in a safe, smart and strong design: our aventura-s
6how can I fly comfortably and stay warm in an open cockpit?
open cockpit flying lets you feel the elements. as we enjoy the unobstructed view in nearly any direction, a carefully designed canopy protects against the wind chill and thanks to the heat recovery of the engine a powerful heating system (warm air blown into the crew's clothing) allows you to fly comfortably and warm.
7what is the fuselage made out of?
the fuselage is made of welded high grade steel tubes (15CDV6; ca. 25 % stronger than 4130 aircraft alloy), which can be checked and if necessary repaired anywhere with simple tools unlike carbon structures which are although lighter, but much more delicate and impossible to repair in field conditions.
8what kind of certification is needed for flying an ultra-light gyrocopter?
according to the national laws, an ultra-light pilot license is required. proper training is vital for safe flying. but learning to fly a gyrocopter is not highly complex and can be done in some weeks of intensive training, which usually costs in between € 5’000.— to up to € 10’000.—. in some countries, e.g. Switzerland, an additional PPL may be required. please address your national ultra-light flying association etc.!
9what will aventura.aero AG sell in the future, a kit or serial version?
both! but... aventura has received the permit to fly by the German authorities. type certification is scheduled for early 2022. kit building requires some knowledge and facility, but no worries, aventura.aero AG will have a FAB-program (factory-assisted building). in most countries, kit-builder are required to complete 51 % of the aircraft. contact us asap!
10what will be included in the package?
we aim for an all-inclusive package. first, we will serve our pilot customers and dealers, please be a little patient if you are a future private owner. we keep our service high and therefor the volume at the beging rather low. we are sure you do understand that excellent service is key to safety and reliability.
11what is, in general, the cost of an ordinary gyrocopter?
new gyrocopters can be found as cheap as € 50’000.— to up to € 200’000.— or even more. they usually differ in size, quality, performance, design, material, services provided etc..
12what will be the price of the aventura-s ?
the exact price will be communicated asap. as the aventura-s is built with the best engine available and only components of other leading manufactures etc. for serious expeditionary flying, she will be in the upper middle section of the price range.
13when will the aventura-s be available?
early 2020, aventura.aero AG received the permit to fly. before that, the heavy-duty gyrocopter was shown at the Aero.Expo 2018 and the prototype II in 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. the company's plan is to certify by early 2022. please subscribe for our newsletter to provide you with updates!
14is there a newsletter for any updates?
please subscribe here.
15are there any vacancies or job offers?
please contact us if you are interested in any dealership or any other business opportunities taking advantage of the USP of the world's first heavy-duty gyrocopter aventura-s.

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