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17. March 2019

new CTO Ronald Schoppe

we are happy to announce and welcome Ronald Schoppe as our new Chief Technology Officer. Ronald is the developer of the Rotorvox gyrocopter after sharpening knowledge and gathering experience for many years in the rally business, which is now a very useful gain for the optimisation of our heavy-duty gyrocopter. welcome, Ronald, in our team!
14. March 2019

AETP – hello to our Asian friends ! AG was selected to participate in the AETP connecting the business to ASEAN-countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia), as AG considers these beautiful countries as a promising market with huge business potential for the heavy-duty gyrocopter aventura-s suitable for surveillance, transport and special missions.
7. March 2019

reservation and pre-sale program started

thanks to the advancements made throughout 2018 and in 2019/QI we are happy to announce the starting of the reservation and pre-sale program for the aventura-s. we address pilot customers and dealers who with we would like to do business first, please contact us and ask for further information.
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beyond the horizon

for adventures
and heavy-duty missions!


safe, smart, strong

cost effective multi-mission capability

easy to learn, operate and maintain

safe, comfortable and fun to fly

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only our mind is the limit!


  • the aventura-s will take you beyond the horizon.
    fly far, fly together, fly aventura-s!
    aventura aero
  • Olivier Aubert
    reliability and range are condition for any flying expedition. furthermore, the aventura-s will provide high payload and comfort for long distance flying.
    Olivier Aubert
    Olivier Aubert, aviation pioneer
    expedition south to south by trike
    Minervois, France
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if you want to go fast go alone,

if you want to go far go together.

our team

I would like to thank all of you
for your enthusiasm, expressed thoughts, helping hands, professional work,
critiques, time, confidence, humour and friendship. you make it possible !

Daniel Spring
Daniel Spring, founder