Flying Expeditions


1. October 2020 congrats congrats AG on being selected for AIT India! 10 promising companies from Switzerland and India will now get supported and trained for their success. please check
1. October 2020

board completed

the aventura-team welcomes new board members. their expertise and experience in a wide area will be of excellent use for the building up of the company and future tasks.
27. September 2020

new investors

the aventura-team welcomes the new Swiss investors. their financial support and commitment are very much appreciated and will help within the certification process and further on.
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beyond the horizon

for adventures
and heavy-duty missions!


safe, smart, strong

cost effective multi-mission capability

easy to learn, operate and maintain

safe, comfortable and fun to fly

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only our mind is the limit!


  • the aventura-s will take you beyond the horizon.
    fly far, fly together, fly aventura-s!
    aventura aero
  • Olivier Aubert
    reliability and range are condition for any flying expedition. furthermore, the aventura-s will provide high payload and comfort for long distance flying.
    Olivier Aubert
    Olivier Aubert, aviation pioneer
    expedition south to south by trike
    Minervois, France
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if you want to go fast go alone,

if you want to go far go together.

our team

I would like to thank all of you
for your enthusiasm, expressed thoughts, helping hands, professional work,
critiques, time, confidence, humour and friendship. you make it possible !

Daniel Spring
Daniel Spring, founder