Flying Expeditions


27. June 2019

all ground test passed successfully

the heavy-duty gyrocopter has passed successfully all ground-tests according to the DULV-certification requirements and therefore is qualified for the VVZ (temporary approval for certification). AG thanks the DULV authorities for their professional services and support for a safe, smart and strong aventura-s.
17. June 2019

new design chef Manfred Kirchler

Manfred Kirchler, former designer from Porsche and BMW, has joined the aventura-team. welcome! Manfred will give aventura-s the edge and thanks to his decade-long experience, he will transform the heavy-duty gyrocopter into an eye-catching heavy-duty gyrocopter!
17. May 2019

aventura-s won award for innovation

the heavy-duty gyrocopter got awarded by aerokurier. participating with a pre-serial machine, the heavy-duty gyrocopter already got on the the winners’ podium for innovation in the gyrocopter section. thanks for that encouraging public vote!
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beyond the horizon

for adventures
and heavy-duty missions!


safe, smart, strong

cost effective multi-mission capability

easy to learn, operate and maintain

safe, comfortable and fun to fly

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only our mind is the limit!


  • the aventura-s will take you beyond the horizon.
    fly far, fly together, fly aventura-s!
    aventura aero
  • Olivier Aubert
    reliability and range are condition for any flying expedition. furthermore, the aventura-s will provide high payload and comfort for long distance flying.
    Olivier Aubert
    Olivier Aubert, aviation pioneer
    expedition south to south by trike
    Minervois, France
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if you want to go fast go alone,

if you want to go far go together.

our team

I would like to thank all of you
for your enthusiasm, expressed thoughts, helping hands, professional work,
critiques, time, confidence, humour and friendship. you make it possible !

Daniel Spring
Daniel Spring, founder