Flying Expeditions


1. November 2017

full size aventura-simulator !

a team, lead by Sandro Stähli and Markus Klimmek and guided by Dipl. Inf.-Eng. and CPL Christoph Regli, has started to develop a flight simulator for the aventura-s. this sit-in aventura-simulator in scale 1:1 will be presented at the Aero.Expo 2018 in Germany at the exhibition stand of ZHAW. visit us and fly the aventura-simulator […]
21. October 2017 wheels and brakes for aventura-s GmbH relies on the excellent products of Thanks to the big bush tires and Beringer brake system, the aventura-s can take-off and land on very rough air strips. Thank you Beringer-team for your support!
17. October 2017

aerodynamically improved nose and canopy

as wind tunnel testing and simulations by the centre of aviation ZAV/ZHAW have shown, the canopy needed to be slightly enlarged in order to guarantee a smooth airflow over the pilot’s helmets. the final shape has been found!
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beyond the horizon

for adventures!


safe, smart, strong

cost effective multi-mission capability

easy to learn, operate and maintain

safe, comfortable and fun to fly

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only our mind is the limit!


  • the aventura-s will take you beyond the horizon.
    fly far, fly together, fly aventura !
    Daniel Spring
    Daniel Spring
    CEO GmbH
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • Olivier Aubert
    reliability and range are condition for any flying expedition. furthermore, the aventura-s will provide high payload and comfort for long distance flying.
    Olivier Aubert
    Olivier Aubert, aviation pioneer
    expedition south to south by trike
    Minervois, France
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if you want to go fast go alone,

if you want to go far go together.

our team

I would like to thank all of you
for your enthusiasm, expressed thoughts, helping hands, professional work,
critiques, time, confidence, humour and friendship. you make it possible !

Daniel Spring, CEO team